Mar 28, 2011

Day 14- Leopard Print and Cuban Sandwiches


Forever21 leopard print top, H&M black skirt, vintage black sweater robe, random gold cross and leaf earrings, Cooperative black satchel, random black ankle socks, Aldo black wedge heels
On Sunday, my family and I went to Porto's Bakery for lunch. My mom ordered a Roja Viejo cuban beef sandwich and I ordered a Papa Preparda, a Cuban potato ball sandwich (I love potatoes. It's so self-destructive.), and we split. It was DELICIOUS. My dad has a bit of an obsession with their cheese rolls too, so we got a dozen of mixed cheese rolls and guava pastries. I loved the sunshine that we got, especially with last week's gloomy, cloudy weather. Let's hope for a sunny week!

Mar 26, 2011

Day 13- Easy Comfort

Foreign Exchange floral blouse, Target leggings, Banana Republic sweater cardigan, Banana Republic flats, Cooperative satchel, Pins and Needles hat
An outfit I wore our to run errands to break up the monotony of homework and AP literature projects. I absolutely ADORE this Cooperative bag that I got from UO a little while ago. It's amazing and I've had a few people try to steal it from me already haha Earlier in the day, I went to the LA Fashion District to look at prom dresses with a few of my girlfriends. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time finding fabrics for my friend who is going to have her dress made.

Mar 24, 2011

Current Inspiration

Miu Miu circa summer 2010
Cotton-looking weeds that perfectly embody spring. Picture from a blog I can't seem to remember.

fortune cookie I made in ceramics. carpe diem.
seize the day.

An ad I made for my ROP Commercial Art and Advertising class. I had to choose a company and design an ad around it. The photo was taken in an alley in Old Town Pasadena, then edited on Photoshop.
I went to Little Tokyo today with a school club and sadly no one brought a camera due to fear of the rain :( Had a REALLY great time up there, even though we arrived at 9:30 to discover that everything opened at 11 or 12, save for the markets and a bakery. Regardless, we had a nice, chill day browsing in the shops, markets, and bookstores, and eating ramen and Yogurtland. I snapped some pictures of my outfit from my phone, so those will be up soon!

Mar 23, 2011

Day 12- Thigh-high

Jessica- blog2 001
Jessica- blog2 003
Jessica- blog2 004

Jessica- blog2 005
Lush purple bubble dress, Express heathered grey sweater, Aryn Klein coat, grey knit from Grandma American Apparel thigh high socks, Mudd boots

Wore this out for a possible rainy day in an attempts to layer. One thing I love about fall and winter is that the sun is hiding and my skin becomes more pale and fair. I'm so looking forward to spring, but with a sad farewell to my fair skin.

Mar 22, 2011

Day 11- Schoolgirl

Jessica's blog 001
Jessica's blog 004
Jessica's blog 005
Jessica's blog 006
Jessica's blog 008
Forever21 sweater shirt, Express flowy black shorts, Hue black tights, Mudd boots
I put together this outfit for a not-so-rainy, not-so-sunny day, and didn't even realize that I look like a school girl/ Hogwarts student. Or at least, that's what everyone told me at school today lol It was a comfy and cute outfit, so I felt pretty happy throughout the day. I also wear these boots wayyyyy too often now. I should look into a pair of flat brown combat boots. I should've snagged the Dolce Vita for Target boots when I had the chance!

Day 10- Boxy Redness

Cooperative red boxy shirt, Banana Republic legging jeans, Mudd boots, Express earrings
This is what I wore to my cousin's 10th birthday party at Dave & Buster's at Irvine Spectrum. On the down side, it was POURING rain all day! But that didn't rain on our parade, the little kids partied it up inside haha I was assigned the job of photographer, so I spent a majority of the time chasing after kids in the arcade and snapping photos. It was really fun! I even got a game card to play with! Sadly, the night ended with a horrible headache– probably the result of the flashy lights and loud music. Ohh, and the hello kitty pancake? My 5-yr old cousin Cayli gave it to me. She and her dad made cinnamon waffles in the morning and she put one in her sweater XD

Mar 19, 2011

Day 9- Geometricity


Sparkle and Fade grey knit cardigan, Silence and Noise black high-waisted pants, Aldo black wedges
I told you I liked square clothing haha I wore this out to run some errands with my Mom, who has become my unofficial photographer. My arms are a bit odd-shaped in the last picture... My arms don't straighten when I extend them, my elbow bends at like a 185 degree angle so past the normal extension, and my wrists are bend so hence the the crookedness. And yes, I know geometricity isn't a word. I just like the way it sounds.

Mar 18, 2011

Day 8- Mixed Textures

Express heathered grey sweater, Forever 21 acid wash jeans, BDG heels, grey knitted scarf made by my Grandma
The weather was deceiving today. I looked outside this morning to see cloudy, gloomy skies casting a dark eeriness over the neighborhood. However, I put on the outfit I had planned to wear anyways, even though I assumed that I would probably need a coat as well. Yet when I went into the backyard to snap a couple shots, it turns out that the morning had just the right amount of chilly sunshine! But these pictures are deceiving... I didn't wear those heels to school. And excuse the tired eyes, I stayed up until midnight making chocolate banana bread, and it was too early to be awake.
I tried to mix up the way I usually wear these jeans by pairing it with my favorite sweater. And ta-daa! I got a mix of texture and print! I really like the way the outfit turned out, I like the contrast of the heathered grey knit with the blue acid wash paired with the chunky knit scarf.

Mar 17, 2011

Day 7- Layers

Aryn Klein coat, Silence and Noise cream knit sweater, Forever 21 ruffle dress, Mudd boots.
Oh California weather... Today was a bitterly cold and foggy morning, then the sun breaks through the clouds and shoots heat rays on us all! Unpredictable weather is when layering comes in hand :) Definitely loving this cream knit sweater, so versatile and it's the item I immediately grab whenever I feel chilly or need a little something more in an outfit. I've had these boots since I was 13, and I'm amazed that they're still intact! Their constant wear is pushing me more towards thinking I need some flat, brown combat boots... Hmm.. maybe after this 40 Day Challenge of no shopping haha
Highlight of my day? Logging onto my e-mail to find that not one... but TWO of my favorite fashion bloggers (both of which I'm come to religiously check their blogs) commented on my recent posts! :D Comments make me so happy; they let me know that someone out there is reading my posts. So if you can, comment! It really makes my day.
Also, photo credit to Melinda Ngo.

Mar 16, 2011

Are You a Man Repeller?

I found this blog that I have been semi-obsessively clicking through all day when I wasn't doing homework or reading. Then, I came across THIS. The Man Repeller Quiz. The whole concept behind the quiz was hilarious and oh-so true. How many bloggers have donned ensembles that have confused and repelled their men? I have. And though I love my man, I shall continually be guilty. Take the quiz below! And check out Sam's blog.

And so this isn't a textual post. Here is a photo of my favorite man-repellant fashion item: the maxi skirt.


photo credit: Sam; Sonia; Dylana

Day 6- Knits and Ruffles

Photo 645
vintage cream knit sweater, Aerie ruffled eyelet p.j. shorts
Photo 636
Today I woke up feeling dizzy and sick, so I ended up taking the day off school and sleeping a couple extra hours. Around 10A.M., I went to the doctor and got my blood drawn to run some tests on why I've been feeling dizzy for the past couple days. I wore a boatneck red-striped long sleeve and leggings out for my not-so-fun excursion today. So I've been wearing this vintage cream knit sweater and dusty mauve ruffled eyelet shorts around the house. Comfy, cute, and definitely makes the sick, slightly blood-deprived me, feel a bit better :]

Mar 15, 2011

Day 5- Sweatered Dark Florals

Forever21 floral dress, vintage maroon sweater, Mudd boots (from 8th grade!)
A little floral to spruce up the bipolar day and welcome the coming Spring! The lighting was beautiful in the late afternoon/early evening. It's definitely the ideal time to take pictures now that Daylight's Savings has prolonged the sunshine in our days. I took these photos just before jetting off to Rubio's for FISH TACO TUESDAY!
Good old Cold Stones ice cream. My favorite combo is coffee with brownies. What's yours?

A shot of my brother on his new yellow fixie.
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