Apr 24, 2010

florals and bows, something to sweeten up your day.

what i wear affects my mood a lot. this outfit made me really happy :] i wore this outfit to go shopping for jewelry for prom with my mum over the weekend, i can't say what it looks like because my tomato might read this.

(Banana Republic pink top, Forever21 floral skirt, Payless oxford heels, Urban Outfitters bow)

Apr 21, 2010

Let's Run and Frolic Where the Rich People Play

Our family decided to take a trip to Balboa Island for the day just to try something new since we'd never been there. It was beautiful, and the weather was perfect. Though sadly I ripped a -SECOND!- hole in my tights from taking jumping photos with my brother.

Balboa Island!

me and my brother acting like we live here- among the rich white people, just kidding.

the cause of the holes in my tights... now I need to find some time to sew them back up.
any and every beach is absolutely beautiful.

(random cream lace top, Target black tank, H&M boyfriend ripped shorts, Forever21 jacket, UO tights, Target gladiator sandals)

Apr 20, 2010

I Live in LA and I meet famous people on a daily basis

well that's definitely an exaggeration, but I've met about 5 famous people so far.
On a dress shopping trip with my best friend Rachel in downtown LA (she got a dress, I didn't), we stopped at Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo to eat. And low and behold, we run into Dylan and Cole Sprouse from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck! I must admit Rachel spotted them, not me. As soon as we saw them I gasped quite audibly- okay in all honesty I saw Cole and only Cole first and thought it was Justin Beiber, then I saw two of them and realized it was the twins. They were so nice, they moved a bench over from the sunlight into the shade where we were standing in line and asked us to sit down with them. So I asked if they were from the Suite Life- because I forgot their names!- and if we could please get a picture, and they said yes, but to please not tell anyone and to take the picture later on. After we both got seated, me and Rachel kept watching them to make sure they didn't leave. The restaurant definitely knew who they were because they got their food waaaay before we did. They finished their food before us- it didn't help that I was DYING of spiciness from the ramen- and Cole looked over and made a camera-clicking motion at me, so we quietly got up and followed them out. We got our pictures and their autographs! They were so nice and so so sweet, it was really great to get to meet them!
their autographs, i got mine signed on the chopstick wrapper from Orochon, but I'm too lazy to take a picture, so just use your imagination.
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