Aug 31, 2011

Coffee Cup Cafe

I've been working a lot this summer, usually from Monday to Friday, and sometimes you just need a break from the norm to jazz things up again. My eating habits have become quite monotonous as of late: yogurt or cereal for breakfast, cold turkey sandwiches or chicken mozzarella paninis (I bring a panini maker to work), sliced peaches or strawberries as a mid-day snack, and rice with protein and veggies for dinner. So this past Friday, my mom and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Long Beach and hit up this mom and pop place called The Coffee Cup Cafe for brunch. I initially heard about this place from That's Chic when she did her Tasty Tuesday post. Her egg white, spinach, mushroom, spicy sausage scramble looked sooooo delicious that there was not doubt in my mind what to order once I got there. The shop was quiant and the staff was immensely cheerful and friendly. Our waiter was super nice and willing to help us choose our orders. We ordered the Baja Burrito (a breakfast burrito favorite), Veggie Scramble with egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and country potatoes, and a single slice of French Toast. Their French Toast is amazing... It was sweet and mouthwatering; I especially loved that you could order it in one, two, three slices, or in a full order. Love the options! The veggie scramble was as good as it looked, which was amazing. It even tasted good the next day. The burrito was delicious, but definitely share! It was enormous! Also especially tasty with the green verde salsa.
It was pretty genius to place two boutiques right next to the Coffee Cup Cafe, while I waited for a table, I went into Twig & Willow. It was a store filled with unique pieces from various brands. But it's highlight was their selection of jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious stones from a wide variety of brands. I loved one of their initial circle charm gold necklaces.
Long Beach is a great city for good eats and quirky shopping. I started college on Monday, and it's been an astounding and eye-opening experience so far. There's a ton of freedom on a college campus, not to mention tons of places to eat (three Starbucks baby! and a Cha for Tea across the street :D). My favorite place on campus... The Student Recreation and Wellness Center. It's the school's new gym that has an indoor track, a pool, a rock wall, basketball court, volleyball court, a raquetball court, tennis court, and numerous workout/cardio machines. It's my favorite part of campus :) I'm there every day.
I've always harbored a love for Rilakkuma, the Japanese bear, so on a recent shopping trip to Rowland Heights with my Aunt Robie and cousin Cayli (they are becoming a lovely routine), I got myself a Rilakkuma plush from Takashima Gift Store! Lately, I've been bringing Rilakkuma with me everywhere. So naturally, he came along with us to Coffee Cup Cafe. Rowland Heights shopping trip post coming soon!
Lastly, I received my UO trap ring on Monday. It was the highlight of my day! It fits perfectly, and I adore the versatility of it. I can wear it a ton of different ways on my fingers. Post on my new beloved ring coming up!
I've got LOTS of posts coming up, so stay tuned ;)

Aug 28, 2011


Today, my brother told me that I looked like a grandma. I took it as a compliment. Babooshka fashion is quite appealing to me. My first day of college is tomorrow (excited!), so as a soon-to-be poor college student, I've only got a limited wardrobe to work with so creativity is a must. I've re-worked my high-low skirt with a beaded cream tank and my thrifted BR babooshka sweater. I'm so excited for a fresh start in my life, and with all the walking I'm going to be doing, I'm planning to DIY stud my white converse. I still need a durable backpack though, any ideas? A few days ago, UO had a free shipping special so I ordered a gold trap ring which should arrive shortly. I can't wait to try it on!

Aug 23, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

When I'm beat and tired at the end of the day and I need a pick-me-up, I go straight to my blog roll. Some of my favorite blogs to check out include fashiontoast (my very first fashion blog discovery), songofstyle, late afternoon, color me nana, natalie off duty, fascinationdrop, cupcakesandcashmere, I've got a lust for life, thatschic, and Emboite (food blog!).
One of my guilty pleasures is checking out this girl Mint's blog. She's based in SF and has the most unique style and I adore her review of asian beauty products, it really helps me get around when I'm shopping for beauty products at Marukai market. She's having an amazing giveaway full of false lashes, nail polishes, cute eyelash cases, colored lenses, and an HK key topper, so check it out!

Aug 18, 2011

American Eagle Contest: Back to School Cool

American Eagle Contest: Back to School Cool

This is my entry for the American Eagle: Back to School Polyvore contest. I don't know if I submitted this too late, but I had a lot of fun making it and I love the outfit!

It's All About the Shoes

All About the Shoes

I love Polyvore. The site allows me to create outfits and unleash my inner fashion desires with no holds barred. I can mix and match all kinds of clothing, shoes, and accessories to my each and every whim. Best of all, it allows me to really figure out which items I'm lusting for and what exactly will get the most wear as a part of my wardrobe, which is essential since I'm a college student who adores fashion but is on a strict budget. Looks like I'm craving denim cutoffs, pink shorts, chunky sweaters, and JCs. And I NEED a leopard belt!

Aug 17, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Happiness in your tummy can sometimes mean a little guiltiness in your mindset. Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? For us girls, I know that sugar (especially chocolate) creates a sort of internal satisfaction and bliss that lasts at least an entire day. These treats are red velvet whoopie pies and salted chocolate caramel squares from Starbucks, and some homemade espresso chocolate chip cookies courtesy of moi. The tomato turkey pesto mozzarella paninis are from a girls' day brunch that I hosted for some of my girlfriends before we left to college. (Like my asian plates? ;)) It was a delicious and memorable day that we finished off with nutella strawberry banana crepes. Mhmmmm :) This summer has been filled with scrumptiously delectable sweet treats. But I haven't always been able to eat them all when all I can do is drool at the images on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Ahhh if only...
But if you want to be able to create your own sweets, check out Emboîté, my cousin Brian and his girlfriend Liz's wonderful macaron blog, which they fill with macaron recipes and plenty of other baking creations.

Aug 15, 2011

'lette macarons

When I was in Old Town Pasadena doing a bit of shopping with my mom and brother, the highlight of my day was finding PAULETTE'S MACARON SHOP! It was recently renamed from Paulette's to 'lette. I was ecstatic with excitement and went craaaaaazy taking pictures. They had all kinds of flavors: salted caramel, Caribbean chocolate, coconut, Colombian coffee, lemon, Madagascar vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, sweet wedding almond, earl grey tea, violet cassis, rose, and raspberry, and the seasonal flavors lychee, and passion fruit. I had to make a rushed decision and I seriously wanted all of them, but I ended up choosing sweet wedding almond and passion fruit. They were delicious...
Passion fruit: It was amazingly flavorful, the passion fruit filling perfumed the palate with a wonderful tart fruity taste. The macaon cookie was delicate and soft to the touch. As soon as my teeth touched the macaron, I was met with a lovely soft chewiness then a zang of passion fruit tartness.
Sweet wedding almond: This macaron looked beautiful. It was a light pink garnished with chopped and toasted almonds. It was sweet and full of the essence of almond. The filling exuded the taste of almond through and through. I loved the bits of almond garnishing the top of the cookie.
* The macaron filling in both macarons was rich and luscious, while still being smooth in texture.
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