May 30, 2013

Urth Angel

ThreadSence maxi dress (similar ones here)
If you follow me on Instagram (@jessicaswu), you know that I'm a bit of a caffeine addict. So being based 20 minutes from LA makes access to Urth Caffe all too easy. I love their variety of  organic lattes and their green tea tiramisu is to die for. Until recently, these graffiti wings were located just outside the Urth Caffe in the Arts District on Hewitt. Much to my dismay, during my last visit, I found that the wings (and all the amazing graffiti art) had been removed.
Personally, I really enjoy seeing graffiti art (emphasis on the art). I feel that it truly embodies and represents the city of its locale. That being said, San Francisco has the best graffiti art by far. Visit the Mission District and see for yourself if you don't believe me (then stop in Philz Coffee for a Mint Mojito Coffee and Tartine for a Hazelnut Tart while you're there)!

May 28, 2013

All Maxed Out

MinkPink maxi dress  |  Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Maxi dresses are the bomb. It elongates, packs a punch, and is one whole outfit rolled into one easy slip-on-and-go. The number of maxi dresses in my closet is quickly accumulating, much to my satisfaction. Best part about this Mink Pink number is the triple threat slits that add a nice touch of edge and surprise once in motion. 

On a more reflective note, as I'm writing this post, I'm sitting inside my favorite Starbucks after having given an impromptu speech in one of my summer fashion classes. My professor emailed the class early this morning announcing that our speaker had fallen through and that instead, 'Jessica Wu will be speaking about her experience as a styling intern'. Despite not being a morning person, that sure woke me up pretty quick. Though I must say, for being a rather impromptu speech, it went very well. I received a great response from the entire class, which made me feel very welcomed and knowledgeable. While I was the one giving the speech, I learned that you can never be too young to be eager and ambitious. When you know what you want in life, you are never too young to strive to achieve it. 
Don't let age be a deterrent to your future. 
I started trying to find myself at age nine. Since then, I've made mistakes, committed errors in judgment, and spoken too quickly more often than not. Despite all the missteps of my past, I have never once felt regret. Each mistake, each triumph I've made in life has culminated to transforming me into who I am today. While I am not 100% satisfied with the person I am now, I am pleased with where I see myself going, and I don't believe that anyone should ever be 100% satisfied with themselves because then how else will you grow?
Ultimately, my speech today was ironically incredibly self-reflective and confirmed my purpose and determination to strive to achieve the ideal of my future, to always reach for something greater, to push beyond one's limits, and to never settle because YOU are worth it – YOU are worth working hard for.
b5ad25_c59b1df65f5427464c4235a80d43a8ac: @jessicaswu

May 26, 2013

All Aboard!

Free People lacey denim shorts  |  Calvin Klein silk blouse  |  Banana Republic Lanah wedge
All aboard my vintage red train!
I bumped into this bright red vintage train museum while at brunch in Seal Beach yesterday. Whenever I'm in the area, I love heading to brunch at The Crema Cafe. Granted the cafe's small size and limited staff makes for quite the wait, but that just makes it all the more quaint and endearing. Speaking of endearing, during the wait, I met the cutest little french bulldog puppy named Tucker! He was waiting for his family to finish their brunch at a nearby cafe. Have you noticed the plethora of bloggers owning french bulldogs lately? Especially pups! 

Now that my semester is finally over, I promise to be updating my blog more often! As a college student double majoring in fashion merchandising and public relations, it's a tad difficult to consistent update while balancing work and an internship. To be a student blogger, like Jessica Wu of Fascination Drop, Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth, and Nica Yusay of Unleashed Beauty, is amazing! Am I right?

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May 23, 2013

Getting Festive with It

Free People lacey denim shorts, vintage blouse, DeJaVu lace cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell suede Litas, Topshop socks

A few weeks back – as I was going through Coachella withdrawals – I styled a few potential looks for if I was at Coachella. Then I proceeded to run through open fields and plains whilst playing my own festival style music through the open window of my parked car – just kidding.

On a more upbeat note, I made my own head chain. It was surprisingly fun and simple to construct.
If you're interested, email me at to place an order. For $5/head chain, you can't really go wrong (prices increase if you wanna get fancy with them, i.e. embellishments, hanging chains, mixed metals, etc.).

May 13, 2013

Getting High (and Low)

Cheap Monday tee, random pleated skirt, Banana Republic leopard belt & bag, J. Crew necklace, JC Tardys
I'm getting high and low with this disproportionate tee and lo with my JC Tardy Lo boots.
You know how they say simplicity is key? That's how I feel about this Cheap Monday tee. I snagged it for a steal at ThreadSence and it's seriously easy breezy with a surprise side slit and long back.
On another note, a few days ago while spending the afternoon in Little Tokyo with a friend, I ran into Anna Lee and Jesse of annaleeandjesse and Claire of ohhaiclaire, and got vlogged (Look ma! I'm famous! – I kid)
Check it out below:

May 9, 2013

Stripes & Florals

Urban Outfitters cardigan, Banana Republic striped top, F21 floral skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Topshop tie-dye socks
One thing I love about taxes... are tax refunds. And that's how I got these JC Litas (which everyone and their mom has – I know. But I couldn't resist!) I'm loving stripes and florals for spring, but I gave the trend a twist by using a darker, more muted color palette so it would fit in to the transitional phase from this weird gloomy weather to a warm, sunnier spring. I wore this to grab a latte and pastry at Urth Caffe, which is quickly becoming a favorite spot of mine.
While I snapped these photos at the Urth Caffe on Melrose, I also stopped in at the Urth in the Arts District on Hewitt and found that the infamous wings were removed! So sad! How many bloggers have snapped OOTDs in front of those wings? Suddenly they're gone... Now it's just a beautiful memory that exists only in photographs (a little too melodramatic?)
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