May 8, 2010

the place I reside

I'm currently re-doing my bedroom so my stuff is in open boxes on the floor, I'm sleeping on a mattress cushion top, and i have no desk. Let's just say my room is in disarray, I'll try to take pictures once it's in a semi-clean, semi-organized state. Re-doing my room has also become an interior design project for my ROP Commercial Art & Advertising Class, but I don't think it'll be done in time because the deadline is in 2 weeks yet my room seems far from the finish line. Regardless, here are some photos I've been drawing inspiration from.

May 7, 2010


It's all over, It's out of my hands. I feel a huuuge weight of pressure and anxiety lifted off me, and better yet, I feel like I did great! :] Now I can't wait for July... the anticipation will slowly kill me. Kiss me good-bye if i suddenly stop posting before then ;) just kidding.

annd so this post isn't all words, here are a couple photos of my slowly building- up inspiration for this spring.

[photos taken from;;]

May 2, 2010

right time of day, perfect place of mind

the sky was beautiful to see during the sunset after the rainstorm last week. i love the way the clouds look. it makes you think that there are some beautiful things in the world.
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