Dec 14, 2010

Current Obsession: Phantom of the Opera

I'm been soooo obsessed with Phantom of the Opera ever since I went to go see the play at the Pantages Theater. It's amazing, truly. I've seen the movie like 7 times since the play lol I love it so much, I'm currently watching it now in fact. But most of all, I'm simply amazed by how GERARD BUTLER PLAYS THE PHANTOM! Ohh the good, handsome days before 300... He makes a good phantom to say the least ;) Now I give you some eye candy.

Phantom of the Opera

I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood and it was absolutely amazing! Spectacular! Astounding! Breath-taking! It was my first play and it has awaken an obsession (I've seen the movie 7 times since). Before we went to the theater, my mom and I took some photos and had dinner at the Hollywood Highlands. It's really beautiful there, I hope to go back soon.

Foreign Exchange dress, Banana Republic heels, vintage purse

look at the crowds of people leaving the theater!

November is the devil for a high school senior

I've been so bogged down by SAT classes, college applications, scholarship searches, and AP classes that my blog has been severely neglected since August :( Especially since during the last week of summer, I found out that one of my planned AP courses wasn't going to be a class this year, so I had to e-mail another AP teacher and ask to be admitted into her class. She gave me one week to do a summer's worth of AP literature work. Let's just say the workload didn't stop there.

But on a happier note, I'll be making all my overdue posts from this point on!

An outfit during our Indian summer, back when it was 80 degrees out. Today it was 60 degrees and I'm now sick :(
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