Nov 9, 2010


No I am not egotistical enough to speak of myself in third person in my blog title. On Saturday, Nov. 6, I met a fellow blogger! Coincidentally, we have the same name! This is her blog, and she's such an inspiration.
I was spending some time with my Aunt and Uncle and their niece, and they decided to drive down to Irvine to go to 85 degree Bakery. I had never been there before, but I started to get excited when they started raving about how amazing it is (and it was 10 o'clock and a bakery run sounded pretty awesome). Once we got there, we saw that the line was LOOOONG! But they said it would definitely be worth it. When I was standing in line, I started looking around curiously as the bright lights and masses of Asians were pretty enticing. Suddenly, I thought I saw a familiar face. As I walked closer, I was certain: It was the other Jessica Wu! I introduced myself and we both had an OH M GODDD! moment. I was so thankful that I had brought my DSLR in the car :) Here are the pictures! And she was so sweet and gave me a Hello Kitty cupcake, from which I saved the ring and am currently wearing.
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