Nov 28, 2012


I think deep down inside of me, there's a 90's girl trying to break free and ooze out all over my outfit selections. I find myself gravitating towards plaids, flannels, distressed denim, platform boots and those mini vintage back packs quite often. While this was an outfit from warmer days, I found it fitting to post as a welcome adieu to the heat wave.
(Did you catch that? Welcome adieu – kind of a contradiction, but true nonetheless)

Can you guys feel the holidays creeping up? I can't believe it's nearly December – time for chilly December days, warm lattes, cozy flannels, thick knits and twinkling lights. I'm most excited for the nearing end of this semester so I can fully indulge in all things Christmas, including tackling my Christmas list.

Nov 26, 2012

Denim on Metallic

Madewell denim shirt, metallic skirt, and flatform shoes; J. Crew necklace
I've never really liked being too matchy-matchy with my outfits – like looking extremely feminine or looking too prim and proper. One of the reasons why I love this metallic skirt is its unexpected versatility. At first glance, it looks like a very festive skirt that is well-suited for holiday occasions. But I love to mix it up by pairing it with a rustic denim shirt to counter the femininity of the skirt. 
Since I worked a long shift on Black Friday, I didn't really go shopping (nor was I really conscious enough to shop), but I did order some wine-colored JC Tardy platforms from Nasty Gal yesterday. I am overwhelmingly excited for them to arrive – will keep you posted.

Nov 23, 2012

Autumn Rust


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, food and great company. I've been a bit (or a lot... sorry) absent on the blog lately. I've had a rough time balancing school and work and blogging. I'm going through a bit of a transitionary period in my life, with figuring out my priorities and finding a happy medium between school and work, while still taking the time to breathe and enjoy life. I try to plan out every part of my day to maximize all my hours, yet I realize how doing so makes it easy for me to miss the chance to enjoy the little moments in the day. So the lesson is: Seize the day and make every moment count, but don't forget to breathe and enjoy each day. After all, you only get so many Novembers in your life – it's a shame to get so caught up in daily tasks and forget to stop and enjoy the Autumn leaves.
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