Jun 24, 2011


It feels good to have graduated high school. The teen years of my life have come to a close and I could not be more excited to embrace college life. Orientation was yesterday and I signed up for 6 classes of a total of 16 units. I was skeptical of my college at first, but now I've come to terms with the fact that this is where I'm supposed to be and that the scholarship I received will be the most beneficial here. I'm also pretty excited for my classes:
  • Comparative World Literature
  • Lifespan Human Development Lecture
  • College of Liberal Arts- Intro to the Learning Community
  • Journalism- Intro to Mass Communications
  • Math 109
  • Listener's Approach to Music
The best part is that all my APs knocked out 21 credits of my GEs! I'm entering college with more than a semester under my belt, I'm so ecstatic!
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Jun 23, 2011


Forever21 leopard print tee, Just Ginger crochet shorts, Express black quilted purse, Report boots, Vera Wang ankle socksThat's right I got kidnapped. Just as I was getting these photos taken for my blog, the Astrovan pulls up and a bunch of my friends kidnap me to the beach! It was a really great, spontaneous trip; we played beach volleyball at Belmont Shore, ate dinner at Guppy Teahouse (I scored a free barely eaten shaved ice :D), and played poker until the wee hours of the night– more like 11PM.

Jun 22, 2011

one year closer...

This is the perfect denim shirt. I've been subconsciously hunting for one since last spring, and I stumbled upon this one at Banana Republic a couple weekends back. It was on sale for $23 then with an additional 30% off! In the end, I got this baby for $16! So I cuffed the sleeves and paired it with my go-to black ruffled shorts (that looks like a skirt without giving away any modesty in wild winds) and my Report clogs. If you'd like to, HYPE my lookbook outfits by clicking the HYPE button on any of my lookbook photos on the right sidebar :]
On an even happier note, it's my 18th birthday next week! I have NO idea what to do so if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. I've been an avid lover of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for years; I particularly lusted after the JC Charli C clogs last year, but sated my desire with a more affordable pair of Report clogs. Now I have my eye on a pair of nude or cognac Joe's Jeans Brenda V wedges, Aldo's Barberis flat boots, and the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platforms. Too much shoe candy! Not enough money!

Jun 21, 2011

crochet textures

crochet mint collage
everything I want my summer to be about: lace crochet, minty green, soft pastels, scalloped shorts, colorful bracelets, and flowy tanks

Jun 20, 2011


Foreign Exchange cream polka dot blouse, Just Ginger cream crochet shorts, Report clogs, vintage cross feather earrings, UO bow
I have been dreaming about crochet shorts for the past month, both in day dreams and sleeping dreams. I finally got them at Marshalls a couple weeks ago! I had lunch with my cousin who recently moved to SF, so it was nice to get in touch again, and even got to grab some boba in the afternoon.

Jun 19, 2011

birthday lusts

birthday wishlist collage

novel wishlist
novel wishlist
I figured that since my birthday is in less than 2 weeks, I would make a birthday wishlist of the items I've been wanting lately, including clothes (mainly bottoms which I lack), jewelry, shoes, and novels. The other day I was telling my boyfriend how I really wanted a pair of Joe's Jeans Brenda V wedges in nude or cognac leather and some flat lace-up boots, and he told me that he heard that you shouldn't buy your girlfriend shoes or else she'll run away from you. Funny little tale huh? I guess I won't be getting any shoes lol

feathers in the wind

lookbook5 v.1
I wear this dress too much. I love easy, simple pieces that I can just throw on when I'm in a fashion rut. To spice things up a bit, I got 4 feather extensions put into my hair. I love them, but they're often mistaken as colored pieces of hair haha. I've got a ton of outfit shots to upload throughout the week while I'm enjoying my first week of summer.


Jun 18, 2011

the reason for my absence

Hello world, I am now a high school graduate.
my absence from the internet these past two weeks has been due to finals and enjoying my senior week. I had an amazing senior week, filled with awards night, my high school farewell assembly, a pool party, watching xmen, a beach bonfire trip, and my graduation. To mention some good news, I won a $10,000 Kiwanis scholarship for college, for which my boyfriend gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers. In addition, here's a photo of some white chocolate cranberry cookies I baked.
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