Jul 5, 2010


Foreign Exchange polka dot tank, vintage Levi's denim vest, f21 leggings, vintage black bag, UO bow, random nerd glasses, Nicole heels, and Target gladiators

Today I went to 2nd Street in LB with my boyfriend and his family in the morning before he had to go to work. I was aiming for a cut asian fashion-inspired outfit, that was roughened up with the denim vest. I wore heels for the photos, but I knew I was die wearing those, so I switched to gladiator sandals. We went to 2nd Street to pick up a gift certificate to Fingerprints for our friend's debut, also stopped at Buffalo Exchange (where his family became hooked onto BE, I don't blame them), got pizza for lunch, and some lovely French pastries- a fruit tart and chocolate raspberry mousse for me, and a chocolate eclair for him)

Jul 3, 2010


Express tank top and black sash, Zara grandpa knit, H&M shorts, Steve Madden sandals, UO bow

I wore this to go with my family to visit my great-grandfather when he was in the hospital, thankfully he's all better and home now.

Jul 2, 2010

who do you think you are?

i love this song, everyone out there, regardless of how much you love anyone who's ever hurt you, you don't need them to survive, make sure they know that, and that you're strong enough to walk away from them :] well anyways, the whole point was, i love this dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x4Lrk2TFx0 watch it, i would put the video on here, but the embed html code was disabled -.-
i hope this dance makes it onto the SYTYCD finale! :D
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